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FriedChillies have been around since 1997. That’s an impressive 22 years of mouth-watering foodies contents. Since it’s beginnings, web technologies have been limited by what the browser can do, aligned with limited internet connection back then. Remember dial-up connection? Or WAP browsing on your trusted Nokias back then?

Fast forward 15 years after they first launched their website, internet and browsers have seen significant advancement that have taken the whole experience whole lot better.

With that comes exciting new stuffs for us developers to play with. Two of them are Responsive UI and Bootstrap. What this means is website can now adapt to your screen and view sizes; whether you’re reading on a large desktop screen, or on your slick smart phones.

Our part here, is to re-imagine the old, non-responsive site with huge loads of contents, and turn it into a modern, responsive website that is also give better experience for the readers.


2014 – 2015




We rewrite the whole site’s templates implementing Bootstrap 3 as the responsive framework and integrate it with the website’s existing CMS engine; ExpressionEngine.

We also choose to have Masonry tiles on the front page as the main content so that readers can quickly choose their articles that of their interest; be it Where To Makan? What To Cook? or somethings else. With 22 years of contents, and more updated every week, you won’t find anything missing about foodies in FriedChillies.


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