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StartUps – It’s Not As Easy As It Looks

Often we heard people’s perception about a startup – it’s glamorous, cool and easy.

Syok la aku tengok si polan, office besar, lawa, staff ramai, lepas dapat funding haritu. Mewah siot!

Si Polan

Contradictory to those perceptions, I as an entrepreneur (or any entrepreneur) knows that it’s not any of those. It’s not cool, not glamorous, and it is certainly in any way, easy.

Today I heard the news on HonestBee (the groceries and food delivery company) shutting down it’s Malaysia operation. To be honest I’m saddened by this.

The typical me would jump to the conclusion that the management may mismanage the money, or even do something unethical. But the entrepreneur side of quickly took over for me to come to senses.

There could be hundreds of reason why a startup can fall apart. When you are dealing with investors expectation, you are forced to do some crazy decisions, and those decisions might not be the best there is.

Even with 46 millions of funding, it can go wrong.

Source : Crunchbase

HonestBee gets most of the things right; their branding, their app, it’s UI/ UX, the marketing, all were on point. Probably even better than their competitors like GrabFood and FoodPanda. This leads to the question, where did they do wrong?

And no, I don’t have that answer for you. And it’s killing me that I don’t have that information. The least we can do is learn from another company’s mistake and try our best to not do the same.

So my point is, starting, running and maintaining is not cool, glamorous or easy. It’s easy to see the fun side of things but is not always the same case for the founder.

For anyone who would like to begin the journey of a founder, please make sure you are ready for a ride full of stressful decisions and hard work.

End Rants.

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